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Dreaming that the Tower is a good or Ji Zhao

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of the Tower, I have this dream, I have this dream, but the symbol of Gengjin. Asking for the personality is stubborn, the career is more unlucky, only with him, sincere, it can be improved. Emotional things are not impulsive, and everything should be in peace. If you do this dream, you will be used by villains, and it is difficult to accumulate. The spring dream is unlucky, and the autumn dreams are unlucky.

In the people's dream, go to the south, go in the south, go in the north, not good fortune, prosperity and prosperity, and people with others, then the cause is more effective, and everything is not arbitrary, and there is a sense of escape.

Middle-aged man dreams of high tower, personally stubborn people, difficult to listen from others to persuade, but also caught more than people in the money, don't get along with each other. Even if you have noble people, you have a lot of disruptions with him, and there is a sign of disadvantage.

Divorce man dreams, the principal industry is more affected by the small people, the signs of fortune is unfavorable, do not hit the best match with him, causing trouble.

The people who have lost love are dreaming of high tower, the peach blossoms are quite, the marriage is difficult, marriage, don't be like children.

The married person dreams of high tower, the Lord's life is more than others, and it is difficult to improve the sign, which can help others.

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