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Dreaming of breasts

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Dreaming of breasts mean?I have to dream, the five elements of the mainfast, the main business is more than a more than one, and there are many people in the world, and they are very uneasy, and they are angry.

Spring dream, wood fire is clear, the career has more opportunities, we are in harmony with him, the wealth is rich, but it is a big Jihang, change the work or the hopping intention, you have a dream of half-time, doing things should be adhered to others.Torture is opposite.

Summary dreams of breasts, 5 lines of fire, and there are many people who are helping to help, ask for a lot of money, noble, life, seek the dream of scholars, the scholar of the school, this is a sign of the Jiguo.

Autumn dreams, golden fires, there are many people, and there are many people in relation to others, and it is difficult for a long time, which is an unjust.

In winter, this dream, the water is both like, the main business is a forefront, and everything should be observed, the transposition thinking is, it is not eager to seek, and the school will have this dream.