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The 2022 Labor Day is a few days a few days, why did the Labor Day changed 5 days?

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Since the beginning of the epidemic, the May Day holiday began to go to five days since 2020, this, this is a lot of people, so that they have sufficient time to play. But as for five days of holiday, it doesn't mean that it will always be extended, mainly to see specific situations.

The Work Day in 2022 is a few days a few days.

According to the time on the calendar, the 2222 Labor Day is May 1, Sunday.

Why is the Labor Day for 5 days?

The Labor Day makes people feel, understand and develop in a variety of festival activities. For young people, this is a subtle effect. For adults and even older people, this is a childhood memory for a long time and has become a "root" of individuals and even countries. In this sense, the protection of traditional festivals is conducive to building a harmonious society. However, the protection of traditional culture cannot just rely on the festival system, because the holiday is just one aspect, but more importantly, it suggests and calls for private activities in some traditional festivals.

The Labor Day is changed to five days, and it is also a measures adopted by the country to protect people's lives. May Day is a relatively good weather in the year, suitable for rest and travel. If there is only three days of holiday, I want to go out to play, there is not enough time, I'm too rushing, more people will choose a house, but the National Day is a long holiday, everyone has enough time to play, put May Day Time is adjusted to five days, and it is also the same as the National Day. It is quite a traffic jam, and the mountain people are sea.

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