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The super -guarded constellation man is known as the wife of his wife madness

real teen faith real teen faith

There are some boys who are born with a more lovely person. Taking the other half of their own love, especially after getting married, they will love their wives more. Wife said that Dong, they are definitely not right towards the west. They are a person who listens to his wife. So who will the constellation of the superb wife be? Who is this type of people?ScorpioScorpio boys are still very concerned about their wives, and to some extent, Scorpio boys are originally a type of sincere feelings. The feelings mentioned here also include friendship and affection, let alone Facing his favorite person -his wife, so in Scorpio, he will see this person as a part of his own, Scorpio who is actually emotional. The other party is bullied, and Scorpio boys will try to protect their rights and interests, and will subconsciously invest in manpower and material resources to help. They are more caring for their wives.CapricornThe form of a Leo boy's wife and madness is a passive small -scale protection, and the form of Taurus is the passive attack under the global strategy. Step. The reason for this is because Capricorn men have stronger importance to their wives than Taurus. Second, Capricorn's character is very rigorous in the character. Under this kind of thought, more often, the wife is like a queen that is always protected by a guardian guard. This driving alone is enough to scare a small night. It can be said that Capricorn boys are the real wives and madness. They especially love their wives and can do anything for the other party. LeoIn fact, Leo boys still have faith in love, that is, Leo boys usually generally feel that even if their careers do well, but if they do n’t have love and have no wife ’s help, that’ s not a complete life, so Leo boys only need to have it Maybe, no matter how busy work is, he will be willing to find time to find love and find the other half of his life. Such a person is better to the other half.