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Dream of digging treasure

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming to dig the treasure, I have this dream, the five-line main supply, but the signs of the land gold, the career can help others, everything can be honest, the fortune is more improving, the autumn dream Geely, springThe dream is not good.

At this dream, we have to come to the southwest, and the career can be trusted by others.

Single woman dream, the cause of the cause, the honor and disgrace with him, rich in financial, and the people who ask for money cannot be disturbed by others.

Middle-aged man has this dream, even if there is noble person to help, it can not be done because of the little loss, only careful people, and the career can improve.

Engaged in wine, tea and other workers dream of digging treasures, wealth is quite smooth, and there are signs of help and career.

Engaged in mining, mining, etc.