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"Magic Baby: Traveler" List of butter grilled venison formula

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There are many recipe formulas in the butter game of the magic baby. Many friends want to know what the grilled venison formula is and how to do it. Next, I will introduce the list of butter grilled vessel formulas for "Magic Baby: Traveler". Friends can come to find out.

"Magic Baby: Traveler" List of butter grilled venison formula

1. Counterfeiter Formula: Deep venison, venison, venison, butter, baking tray, 90%of the heat.

You can make three pieces of venison and a piece of butter. Note that the heat is 90%. Level: Level 1, type: snack

2. Description: A perfect butter barbecue, adding magic reserve 190000 after use. Fat but not greasy, the entrance is melted, and the mountains are delicious

3. The venison can be obtained in Yil Village (84, 134) and the south of France City (149, 36). You can buy butter in the French city.

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