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"Wandering Ark" Wanjin oil lineup recommendation

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Many players in the wandering Ark game are not clear, how to match the Wanjin oil lineup is more appropriate. Next, let Xiaobian bring you the recommendation of the "Wandering Ark" Wanjin oil lineup. Let's take a look at the interested friends.

"Wandering Ark" Wanjin oil lineup recommendation

Squad recommendation:

This lineup is very nice, and I personally think it is very good. The pushing and the mines in the copy are very good lineups.

The first three are the cannon fodder, mainly Higris' skills. Basically, it is not dead or half of the blood. The more densely the opposite side is, the faster

Then finally Chang'e entered the factory to harvest, basically it was very good

I am now pushing the picture on 5-12, the copy is still playing now. It was originally stuck on the 50th floor, and now it has been hit for more than 60 floors, and it is not difficult.

Some cards of pushing pictures and pit dead fights are not suitable for this lineup. It can not be able to hang Chang'e alone, or it can be spent basically. I am now Chang'e 2 fission. It is not clear whether Chang'e without fission can be played. By 5-12, but 1 fission Chang'e should not have a big problem

The C position is Chang'e, and other heroes are cannon fodder, but the vice C Higris try to give some resources as much as possible, and it will not take a lot of resources. Otherwise, the power may be relatively small.

The above is the entire content of the "Wandering Ark" Wanjin oil lineup. Please pay attention to more mobile game strategies!