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What is the zodiac zodiac rat chicken?

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The zodiac signs are the traditional culture we inherit the millennium, and there are endless myths and legends. In addition to these stories as support, it also includes the concept of yin and yang. We choose to use this to spy on fate and fortune. It can be compared with the choice of popular constellation culture for you. Let's take a look at what zodiac signs are lonely.

The lonely chicks are zodiac rat and zodiac chicken.

The following is a specific analysis of the zodiac signs (guessing the zodiac signs)

Said 1: We know that "lonely chicks are lonely birds", and the zodiac signs are the most closest zodiac signs in the zodiac signs. From this comprehensive analysis, the lonely chicks can be chickens.

Said 2: From the analysis "metaphor for people or things that are not worth talking about", you can know that it is a rat. In the zodiac signs, the rat often uses theft as a stolen. humble. From this analysis, the lonely chicks can also be mice.

Guess a number of lonely chicks

Guess the numbers from the strokes of the lonely chicks. "8 strokes," 13 strokes of "" 13 strokes, "14 strokes of the rot," Rat "13 strokes, 4 characters in total is 8+13+14+13 = 48. So the lonely chick guessing a number is 48.

Zodiac signs and zodiac culture

1. Sub -rat: From 23:00 midnight to 01, the orientation belongs to the north. In November of the lunar calendar, the five elements belong to the water. It belongs to Dongxiao, Hongxiao, Chess Xiao, Ye Xiao, Di Xiao, Yu Xiao, Plum Blossom, Freedom.

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