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The summer of 2022 is what everyone does during the lunar calendar in the month of the lunar calendar

real teen faith real teen faith

There are more than 300 days a year and four seasons. Remember to take your life seriously and spend every day happily. Spring is a soft season. We can feel the bright spring light during this time; until summer, we need to face the weather in the hot summer temperature. When the summer is everywhere, the cool weather will come again. What can we do during the summer time?

Summer in 2022 is the month of the lunar calendar

Every year, the summer time changes a bit. The summer time in 2022 is: August 23, the Gregorian calendar, July 26th of the lunar calendar, Ren Yinnian, Wu Shenyue, Wu Shen Day. The ancient Chinese divided the summer heat: "One waiting eagle is a sacrifice bird; the second waiting of the heavens and the earth starts; "He" refers to the general term of the crops of tadpoles, tadpoles, rice, and beams. The farmland at this time is very lively.

Everyone worships ancestors during this time

In the summer, there are many activities to do. The folk customs before and after the summer solar terms are related to the ancestors and worshiping the autumn. Before and after the summer, there will be a folk activities of Qingzan Zhongyuan, commonly known as "July and Half of July" or "Zhongyuan Festival". In the early July, the people had a ritual of opening a ghost door. Until the end of the month, the Ghost Gate stopped, and the Purdue giving event would be held. It is said that the Pudu activity started with the ghost door, and then the lights were raised, and the river lamps were leaving the lonely soul; while the subject was building Pudu altar, setting up a lone shed, interspersed or lonely, and finally ended with the ghost door. To this day, it has become a major activity period for ancestors. Remember to complete.

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