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Hanshui Tang Tangxian County people condensed and rewritten human history

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"Lixian people" skull fossil

"Lianxian People" site

School Liangzi of the Quyuan River

According to the Chutian Metropolis Daily News (Reporter Guan Qianyu Correspondent Ji Tingshun): Two "Qixian people" culminated fossils, lying in the exhibition hall of Shiyan Museum, seem to use deep "eyes" through millions of years. , Staring at the vicissitudes of the years.

In 1989 and 1990, a cultural relic survey of Liangzi, a scholarly Liangzi of Miduo Temple Village in Qingqu Town, Liyang District, Shiyan City. Two well -preserved ancient human skull fossils were unearthed here. It was determined by scientists as upright people who were about 1 million years ago. They were named "Xianxian people" and directly shaken the scientific conclusion of "human beings originated in Africa".

In recent years, all walks of life has actively promoted the construction of the Puxian people's sites and parks to share archeological results with the public.

The skull fossil shocked Chinese and foreign

In late April, Jimu Journalists came to the "Langxian" site. Standing in the school of Liangzi Highland, Qu Yuanhe meets the Han River here.

For hundreds of millions of years, human ancestors have always lived in water, and chose to survive and reproduce at the intersection of the two rivers of the aquatic plants and the turning point of the big river. On the site, the monument of the "Lugo Fossils from the Pixian County" is particularly eye -catching. Under the wild sheds in the wild, some of the archeologists are conducting detective excavations in an orderly manner, and some are analyzing the nature of the surface soil.

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