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Abalone is fish? What type of animal belongs to abalone antistor

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Is the abalone are fish? Ant Garden? This is the problem of the ant Manor Small Class March 26. You can get 180G feed as a reward. Let us let us know on March 26 Ants Answers.

Abalone is a fish? Ant Garden

1. Is the chicken test your abalone is a fish?

A, not.

B, of course

2. Correct answer:Nah

3. Answer analysis

Abalone is not fish. Although the word "fish" in the name of abalone, it is not fish. Abalone belongs to shellfish. Due to its shape, it is also called "sea ears". Abalone is a precious ocean consumption shellfish, is known as "dining table gold, Haizhen's crown", its meat is delicate, nutritious. Abalone usually grows under the water temperature under the water temperature, with footprints throughout the Pacific, Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean.

Ant Manor Today's Correct Answer

The above is Xiaobian's answer to the Ant Herver's answer on March 26. The correct answer isNahHave you help you? Also want to know the answer to the ant Manor, please don't forget to pay attention!

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