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The Tiger is a gifted and marriage, which is a dog and a dog.

real teen faith real teen faith

People who are Tiger have a sense of justice, and it is also extremely sympathetic. I like to help others in my life. When I do things too overhaveled, I always have self-centered, then how much is it? Next Let's go with Xiaobian.

First, people who are Tiger will be happy with these genus.

1, it will be romantic with people who are people who are dragons

If the male tiger and female Dragon are friends with friends, it may be a very interactive, because you all have a full spirit, it is very bold, and it is very simple and profound, and the male and female male The fighting spirit is not a general person, so the male Tiger female is a dragon encourages each other to encourage each other.

2, the Tiger and the Maima are the most matching pair

You are a pair of vigorous, warm and harmonious. Both people are passionate, good at communication, but will not be indulge in family life due to excessive possession. Two people who are governing in the Tiger are all energetic and have a clear goal. Mr. Tiger will struggle for family and career. Ma Mrs will contain Mr. Tiger's good change, and cleverly integrate the power of two people, and control both parties to more practical and valuable goals.

3, people who are Tiger and a chicken will be a couple together

If the male chicken and female tiger live together, or marry, then you will have a colorful life, of course, no matter what a companion matching a companion, you need to accept a lot of test, and finally you can get through the test. Couples, male chickens and featuring tigers are good, and they are active for their families.

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