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Tonga seabed volcano once again erupted

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Tonga Volcanic Island "Hongka Tonga-Hongjia Ha'apai). (Figure / Reuters)

Tonga seabed volcanic island hair satellite map. (Figure / Reuters)

According to Ettoday (Reporter Zhang Fangli): The submarine volcano in the South Pacific Island is erotic from 14 or 15th, causing a scale of 7.4, and triggeting a tsunami, affecting the countries around the Pacific, and the latest monitoring, volcano is again again on the 16th Outbreak, but the scale is small in the first two days, and there is a risk of observing the huge waves but does not have a tsunami. Because Tonga has interrupted, the New Zealand government sent a reconnaissance machine on the 17th, and the Prime Minister Alden said that all rescue materials were ready.

According to the French New Society, the volcanic monitoring center in Darwin is expressed in the volcanic island "Hongka Tonga-Hong Jiapai" outside Tongtapu, Tongatapu, Tongatapu (Hunga Tonga-hunga ha'apai) 22:10:10 on the 16th, small eruption occurs again, and observed the huge waves near the vicinity, but the overall scale is small, there is currently no danger of tsunami.

After two volcanic eruptions on the weekend, Tonga interrupted nearly 40 hours, although electricity has been restored, the network is still unstable, and the official has not yet issued a specific disaster situation. Through the satellite calls, and the community website stickers show, the country has not had large-scale casualties, but now it is still unclear from the most recent peripheral islands in volcanoes.

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