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What happened to Zeng Zhiwei and Blue Jie, only ordinary friends (violations were fake)

real teen faith real teen faith

Zeng Zhiwei is a very famous actor. Many friends have seen his figure on the big screen, and Blue Jie is an actress that makes many people feel very regret. Many people don't know what Zeng Zhiwei and Blue Jie are going to the end. Zhuowei once broke the news that Zeng Zhiwei forced Blue Jie's relationship, and destroyed her life, but this is just a rumor and cannot believe.

What is Zeng Zhiwei and Blue Jie?

When Blue Jie is in the world, there is a very serious mental illness, and many times have been directly in the abnormal behavior of the outside world, and even directly sent to the local psychiatric. There are many people in the Internet that the Zhuowei team has exploded a video. This video is an interview with Blue Jie's violations, and the spear heads refers to Zeng Zhiwei, so Zeng Zhiwei is also suspected by netizens.

But later, Zeng Zhiwei's company also released a statement, saying that the video is a clip, belongs to the message. And this video is carefully trying to figure it out. It is also a vulnerability. It is also a false thing. If it is said, it is a dubbing, and it is very different from the blue gyss, and the mouth is also right. But even if this is the case, some people have always been in Zeng Zhiwei, until today, it is still constant, even if it is still proven to have nothing to do with him.

In fact, Zeng Zhiwei and Lan Jie have always been ordinary friends, Zeng Zhiwei has not done his things. Blue Jie's psychosis was in 1998, but Zeng Zhiwei and Blue Jiexi have taken movies in 1990. Since 1998, Lan Jie entered the hospital because of a car accident, it was lost in the hospital.

Zeng Zhiwei and Blue Jie's cooperation have not many times, so there is no big intersection, it is difficult to happen. And Blue Jie is invaded, I don't know if it is true. Even if it is true, then it is nothing to do with Zeng Zhiwei, so everyone should recognize the truth when you eat melon, don't be misled by some fake news.