real teen faith

The welfare plus coding carnival is coming to the "fingertips leaders" new test will be started!

real teen faith real teen faith

Lord, long wait!

Tencent three-way strategy mobile game "Finger-tip Lord" new test is about to start! Advanced version of the three elimination battlefield brings an immersion elimination experience, Combo combo blasting, gorgeous hero skills, attributes are residual ... new "elimination 3.0 era" Invite you!

During the test, there are more colorful welfare activities to help everyone will take a hurry and make it easy!

Four welfare activities lead SS level hero free!

"Fingert the Lord" welfare code, carnival opens. The four major welfare activities lead to the opening, escort for the finger's fingertips!

During the test, the Lord's adults can receive Hao Li through daily login games, and complete novice tasks more free to unlock the three SS heroes: Guangming commander, prophylaises, green forest tourism! In addition, there is a main fortune package , Permanent skin-Phoenix Temple and other rich benefits, help the leaders to sweep the debut, become a lord!

At the same time, the game's platform is in full swing. The Lord adult travel to the official website to reserve the rich appointment package, 100% get the "Ingheng Girl" hero! More than a lot of gifts and first-hand information broke the news, mysterious Atla continent waiting for you!

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