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"Mourning Super War" X Professor Showing Recommended

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In the Gaming Super War game, X Professor is a very good assist hero. I believe that many players don't know how X how to make it. Let Xiaobian brings you the "Mourning Super War" X. Professor is recommended, interested, friends to see it.

"Mourning Super War" X Professor Showing Recommended

Should be recommended:

1. [Strengthening serum] Auxiliary special use, we are stable and steady, no need to engage in flowers, concentrate on assistance ADC, follow the [Avengers Medal] to buy boots and then consider the rectification.

2. [Remote Size Boots] X Professor's big move CD long long, requires less CD, there is no alternative to the first boots.

3. [Arc Reactor] Energy reply and accelerates cooling, and passive participation in killing reduces 10% ultimate skill cooling time, we often open the big support and the CD will also reduce the CD, it is very beneficial to us, as long as you enlarge .

4. [Yuangu Winter] I am planning to use our energy core, and if it is reduced, it will improve, and it is not easy to escape from the enemy into the circle. After killing, there will be no blood recurrence.

5. [Universe Rubik's Cube] Here is a 7% shift effect. It is also suitable for us to get off the bus.

6. [Dark God Book] It is a percentage caused damage. The other tank will be suitable. This trick also said that it can not be able to win the distinctive serum of the distant blood, if the teammates are not personal, or they are not The teammates are together, they can be changed, after all, there is a waste.

The above is the "Mourner Super War" X "of the professor recommended all the content, more mobile gamesRaid, please pay attention!