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How to play the final BOSS Elden in the final BOSS

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The Elden France Ring final BOSS Elden beast is what is playing. In the end, the BOSS Elden's beast has a very strong sense of oppression. Many players don't know how to play. Let's take a look at Elden Law. The final BOSS Elden is playing.

Elden Lantern Festival BOSS Elden Beast Play

The output of the golden law is powerful, and the opening of his attack radius first, observes the way BOSS attacks, and divided into two phases, mainly using physical attacks, pay attention to roll.

The first stage: BOSS is physically attacked, there will be a few jumps, it will control the attack distance. If you can't get it, how far is how far, mainly observe the way of attack.

In addition to physical attacks, there will be a golden ruler of gold. This spell will have two attacks, 2 seconds in the middle of the intermediate, and pay attention to avoid it, so as not to be injured in the second.

The second stage: After entering the second phase, BOSS will evolve into Elden's beast. It mainly has physical attacks. It will slide in water, the attack speed is medium, but can avoid a single spell attack, so it is not recommended to fix fixed spells. For example, comets.

In addition to physical attacks, there is also a flying Elden method attack. This method can lock the characters. As long as he flying, he will continue to run in the opposite direction, do not stop, leave the attack radius, leave after leaving.

Here is a taxi, when you open, quickly run to the back, use unlimited blue medicine, smash the meteorite, until the blue is not, even if there is no dry off BOSS, will also make heavy injuries.

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