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"POMPOM" is fun? Game Featured Introduction

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Is POMPOM fun? Many small partners may not know very well on this 2D platform pixel game. Today, Xiaobian brings you a POMPOM feature, and interested friends will come and look at it.

POMPOM Features Introduction

Going out of the hamster wheel, walking into the space world, POMPOM's task is to save boy hoshi, helping him from the captain of the cat captain and his evil. Pursue every space cat pirate, while the platform is built. No matter what you can: spring, whip, umbrella, cannon, etc., can prevent PomPom!


One day, POMPOM was swinging on his hamster wheel, boy hoshi took a bunch of jewelry, they were fell from the sky with a huge sound. Suddenly, the cat captain appeared under his hand, tied to Hoshi with an space channel. Now POMPOM must step on the adventure, rescue his friend Hoshi from the eight space cat pirate!


In this very novel platform game, players cannot control hamsters POMPOM - to help him through the mobile platform and the object he surrounded. Put down the spring, build a bridge road, shaped the thorns, illuminate the ghost - from outside space to the beach filled with flying fish, there is an ancient temple in the depths of the jungle, helping POMPOM to take the enemy and defeat the cat captain and his hand.

Featured content

Platform games in a new way, do not move roles but mobile platforms.

Explore this beautiful game to Super Nintendo Classic games and 16 yuan retro age.

Explore eight worlds in a grand space rescue - except for jumping on flying fish, escaping the annoying flying arrow, expels the grievances, swimming the mermaid, and fighting with the UFO, there are more exciting content.

POMPOM can get items to defeat enemies, you can use those items to interact with the world to help him win.

Use all items as much as possible: fly out of the cannon, sway on the rope, shaped the thorns, splash honey, freeze time, and the number of strategies.

The above is the total content of the POMPOM, you want to know more about the related Raiders, you can continue to pay attention to the Ranger. Every day, you will push the latest and most complete Raiders for everyone, you must not miss it.