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Dream of waste

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Dreaming of waste, I got this dream, the mainstant, is the symbol of the ugly soil, the symbol of the treasury, the understanding of the people, and the people are sincerely treated, the fortune can be improved, and everything can not be opposed to others.It is unfavorable, and the autumn dreams are unlucky.

Single woman has this dream, the peach blossoms have a sign, and the emotions cannot be disturbed by others, and life is unfavorable.

The middle-aged man dreams, although smart, but the small belly, with others, do not pay, don't get lost, doing things at the end, the big husband is uniform.

The elderly dream of waste, the career is high, and life has uneasy, and children and grandchildren are not filial, and family is annoying.

Engaged in agriculture, planting, etc.

Engaged in e-sports, e-commerce, etc.