real teen faith

What does this mean?

real teen faith real teen faith

What does it mean by dreaming of land?I have to dream, the five elements of the mainstant, the main letter, the nobles are more, but the cause is more good, and everything should be retired, the wind and rain are in the same boat, and the gentleman loves money.

Spring dreams are the land, and Muke is a consortium. There are many nobles in the career. Everything is honorable and shaped, and the wealth is rich, such as operating agricultural products.

Summity dreams, the meaning of fire, the main business is uneasy, and there is a lot of entanglement with him, and the financial is difficult to improve, and the career is more important.

In the fall, you have a good dream, the land is two, the people who have the oral tooth, the career can be good, such as the intrigue, the fortune is difficult to improve, seeking a sense of uneasiness in the hearts of the school.

In winter, I have to be a fortune in winter. It is a cost savings. It is engaged in financial financial management, investment traders, and the cause can be improved. Everything should have sincerity, can not be opposed to him.