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Is it suitable for renovation on April 20, 2022?

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According to the Yellow Calence, April 20, 2022 is not a decoration Ji Japan, it is recommended that you choose another Ji-day decoration. Zhou Gong Ji Dream Official website selected a good day for the decoration from this day, namely April 22, April 26, May 9, you can choose the best day decoration.

First, April 20, 2022

Gregorian calendar: Wednesday, April 20, 2022 lunar calendar: 2002, March, twenty Dry: 寅, 生 肖 属, 辰 月, 日 Fetal god: Room Building Rush: Boarding Xiao Chicken (Ding Wei) Peng Zu: 不 词 强 强 卯 强 强 穿 穿 水 水 水 水 水 水 festival:Easter Thrifty: 雨 (10:24:07)

Second, is it suitable for decoration on April 20, 2022?

[Yi] married travel accounts crown 笄 安 床 床 成 成 作 作 交 交 券 券 券 殓 殓 殓 殓 殓 柩 [忌] Wait Luno

According to the Yellow Calence, April 20, 2022Not a decorationIt is recommended that you choose another Jiji Decoration. The following is a detailed list of days for the renovation of the Denovation of the official website of Zhou Gong Ji Dream official website for you.

Third, the days for the decoration in the past one month detailed list

1. April 22, 2022, Friday

[Agricultural] March 2nd [Yi] Sacrifice prayers to open the light, lift the logging of the fire into the housing migration bed dismantlingBuild Powerful [Chong] rushing pigs

2, AD, April 26, 2022, Tuesday

[Agricultural] Lunar New Year's Eve [Yi] Sacrifice prayers seeking lightning to remove fire to remove homeBuild Anmen's animal lactary [Chong] rushing to the rabbit

3, May 9, 2022, Monday

[Agricultural] Lunar New Year's Day [Yi] Marrying Naji seek medical treatmentBuild Dynamic migration into the house [Chong] Po Long

The above 3 days is the Huangdaoji Japan that is suitable for decoration in the past one month of 2022. Zhou Gong Ji Dream Official Website reminds you that it is best to take the day when you query the Huangdao Ji Japanese, and then check it. At the time of the day, the Division did not contradict each other. Please try to avoid your bustling day while choosing a decoration. In addition, since everyone's eight-character norms are different, there is also the best solution for personal selection of Ji Japan.