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"QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games" doubles war god how to wake up

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How about the wake -up of the QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games. As a new car that wakes up in the third phase, many players must not know how the performance after the car is awakened, so let's bring you the introduction of the two -born wake -up of the QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games, don't miss it.

How about the wake -up of the QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games Twin War Gods Wake up

1. Twin War God Waking Data

Break through the upper limit, speed! The two -born God of War has been awakened. After the drivers start with the twin God, don't forget to go to the garage to use the first -order wake -up stone to improve the performance of the car ~

Get the numerical increase after awakening

Basic maximum speed+0.4km/h

Basic Dynamics +6.0

Nitrogen power +6.0

Small spraying power +6.0

Gas collection speed +0.4

2. Racing introduction

Exclusive characteristics: small spray time +0.12 seconds, small spray power+7%. The first small spray after CWW can increase the maximum speed

The dual -color rotation represents two personality, the exquisite five spray ports bring impactful dual -color spray flames. Driving this car and creating your own glory of God of War on the field!

The above is all about the wake -up of the QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games Twin God God of War. I hope to help you players. More game -related content, players can pay attention to, will always bring mobile game strategies to players!