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Lunita's Star Journey Magic Capricorn One Week's fortune (5.16-5.22)

real teen faith real teen faith

cause: This week, it will be your busy stage, the workload has risen, and you will work harder.Your work may have new projects, or you need more communication and brain -moving places, you can also have different states to face work and life.But this week you may need to adjust certain work plans and rework.If you feel poor life and schedule, this week is also a good opportunity for you to adjust the schedule, health care, physical examination, and give pet examination.

love: You may have feelings about interpersonal relationships.Avoid thinking too much leading to emotional ups and downs.Some people will clean up the circle of friends, or see some truths of the relationship.

Fortune: Suitable for investment houses, renting a house, the time period of the seller.Some people may also have decoration.There are tangled and repeated modifications at work, and some personnel changes may cause uncertainty.

Academic studies: Study pretty good, efficient time period.

score: ★★★★