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How to fight salt and sacrifice sky dragons

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The Sky Dragon in "Salt and Sacrifice" is a very powerful BOSS in the game. It is still very difficult to fight. If you want to play Sky Dragon, you can get some powerful armor first, such as a set of devils or riddles.Light armor, the effects of these two sets of armor are very good.

How to fight salt and sacrifice sky dragons

Sky Dragon is recommended to be a set of devils or riddles, which are very fleshy.

But this is not the key. You need to drill the crotch of the sky dragon or the empty attack in the air to hide the skills, otherwise the flesh can not be carried.

Secondly, we must make good use of long -range weapons. At this stage, I have 80 arrows. Whether it is a spell or bow and arrow, it must have one, which will be much more comfortable.Essence

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