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Say is the most auspicious in the house in March 2023, to stay in March

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For people, entering the house is what they need to experience in their lives. After all, everyone will buy their own houses through their own efforts and hard work. After the decoration is over, they need to live in the house. You need to choose a house in the house to change people's future life.

The most auspicious to enter the house in March 2023

【Gregorian calendar】 March 1, 2023

【Lunar Calendar】 Early Ten of February 20123

[Chongsha] Rat (Renzi) Shabei North

【Twelve Gods】 Breaking Perseverance

【Gregorian calendar】 March 6, 2023

【Lunar Calendar】 February 15th, 2012

[Chongsha] Chong Snake (Ding Jie) Shaxi

【Twelve Gods】 Closure

[Gregorian calendar] March 8, 2023

【Lunar Calendar】 February 17, 20123

[Chongsha] Chongyang (not) Shandong

【Twelve Gods】 Except for Perseverance

[Gregorian calendar] March 14, 2023

【Lunar Calendar】 February 23, 2012

[Chongsha] Chong Niu (Yi Chou) Shaxi

【Twelve Gods】 Dangerous Perseverance

[Gregorian calendar] March 17, 2023

【Lunar Calendar】 February 26th, 2013

[Chongsha] Chonglong (Wuchen) Sha Beibei

【Twelve Gods】 Open Perseverance

Should I stay in March

Different eight -character home transportation has different timeliness. The same days are not necessarily prosperous. Below [Ji Ji Ji Dayi], you can refer to the homeowner's eight characters to select the five elements.

Precautions and attention to entering the house

1. Entering the house is a matter of particular, "sitting north to south, square squares, and reasonable dynamic lines" is crucial. The ancients paid attention to the "Tianyuan", the house of the house must be square, and the square house gave a sense of safe and stable.

2. For people, each food represents different meanings in different days. If the first meal of moving is made up, it represents the prosperous life in the future.

3. *When you need to choose good: The best time for moving is to choose the morning. The three times of Chen, 巳, and noon are the best. In other words, from 7 o'clock in the morning to 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It is the best way to move.