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What are the super animal escape games?

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The props in "Super Animal Gatalion" are one of the more common items in the game, and there are many types of required. Among them, it includes a variety of colors. Claw boots, golden water cups, etc. are all practical.

List of props

Blue 生: Life 140 speed is 54 damage 35 armor -piercing 10 鸸鹋 speed than brown -colored 鸸鹋

Brown color 鸸鹋: Life 190 speed is 49.5 damage 35 armor 10 鸸鹋 鸸鹋 is the slowest, but life is the highest suitable for running poison

White 11: Life 110 speed 62.1 damage 35 armor 10 鸸鹋 鸸鹋 鸸鹋 鸸鹋 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白 白

Fighting 15: Life 150 speed 59.4 damage 45 armor piercing 15 is the strongest attack 鸸鹋. It is generally good for life.

Claw boots: automatically cut grass and increase the probability of cutting grass by 2 times. At the same time, the non -slip on the ice and the movement speed in shallow water is as fast as the movement speed on the land.

Banana fork: get double your health when eating coconut, mushrooms, and active items, and you can also increase your edible range

Ninja Footfront: Reding by 50% noise, reducing steering by 12%, stepping rolling without making any sound

Skach poison gas respiratory tube: The movement speed of the fluid poison gas and the skunk bomb increased by 25%, and the damage to the poisonous gas was reduced by 10%. It can also prevent cough in the skunk bomb

Gold Made Cup: Let you reply to the speed of life

SAW metaphysical tape: one grid to restore the enemy's armor after killing the enemy

Super bullet belt: increase your number of bullets, and take off the excess bullets will drop

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