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What day is the custom of the summer solar term in 2022?

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Summer solar term is a solar term that we will usher in the end of August. Before we live in the summer, we will experience the three very sky for 40 days. This period of time is particularly hot. If you do not pay attention, it will easily heat upstricate, which will cause our body to be particularly uncomfortable. So, what day is this summer solar term? Let's take a look at today's customs.

This day is the day in 2022

In the summer, the weather will gradually cool down. The summer time in 2022 is: August 23, the Gregorian calendar, July 26th of the lunar calendar, Ren Yinnian, Wu Shenyue, Wu Shen Day. During the short -term heating weather (autumn tiger) during the summer solar terms, the "autumn tiger" generally occurs between August to September of the Gregorian calendar. Essence The significance of the summer heat in daily life is to remind people that the summer heat has gradually faded, and the weather transitions from the heat to cool to cool. Pay attention to preventing "autumn dryness". There are many folk activities in the summer, such as eating ducks, lamps, fishing festivals, decoction tea, worshiping land, etc. Very lively.

Today's customs want to thank the Land Master

Some activities are done at special time. At the moment of the harvest of the crops, the farmers have held various ceremonies to thank the Land Lord. Some went to the land temple to worship, and some inserted the flags to Tian Central Central to express their gratitude. And this day, I went home from the field to go home without washing my feet. On July 15th, the folk also prevailed to sacrifice land and crops. Sprinkle the supply into the field. After burning the paper, use the five -color paper cut into broken strips and wrap it around the crops. It is said that hail attacks can be avoided and the big autumn harvest can be obtained. In some places, they also have to go to the Houti Temple for sacrifice. Dingxiang County folklore hangs the head of hemp and valley. So we have to seize the opportunity.

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