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Marriage feng water layout peach blossom position placed water plant

real teen faith real teen faith

Modern young people not only desire but excludes marriage, in the face of parents and elders in the family, they don't want to pay attention to it, because good marriages are worth waiting, in fact, when marriage has not yet arrived, we can enhance your own Marriage, let's share several feng shui layout methods for enhanced marriage.

Pink love feng shui

For single women, you can use pink items to decorate properly when laying bedrooms, so that you can use the pink items. If a girl in a youth is a green and gray pattern of your bedroom, it is basically no help to the marriage. From the perspective of feng shui, the bedroom is filled with female characteristics, which can bring better marriage development opportunities.

There is no sundries in the bottom of the bed.

In the bedroom, the bottom of the bed takes a lot of space, some people will hold some debris in the bed in order to avoid waste of space. But in fact, such feng shui is an adverse marriage development. There are many bedroom beds, which is easy to bring to yourself, so that your health is gradually declined. Always keep the neat in the bottom of the bed, you can urge yourself to transport your marriage, let you find a suitable development object as soon as possible.

Clean and bright

In the wind shining, it is considered that the bright bedroom can bring good feng shui. In contrast, the dark and humid bedroom will lead to the deterioration of wind and water, which is not advisable for girls. Because women itself is negative, if the bedroom is too dark, will increase the moisture of the bedroom, and the longer the time, the more moisture, will let the female students have a lonely psychology, do not want to contact the outside world, do not want to communicate with people, so naturally no Good marriage. And a bright bright bedroom will make people full of positive energy, willing to expand their social circles in the foreign society, naturally can remind the marriage.

Peach graphics arrangement

When laying a single person's bedroom, you can find the peach grades in the bedroom, put a pot of plants in this basin in this position, or placed a pot of four seasons, which is a good way to promote the peach flow in Feng Shui. But it is necessary to pay attention to the multi-water to ensure that plants grow prostitutes and can bring good marriage.