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Which constellation is Pisces's love robbery?(2)

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Mature stability stage

When Pisces is located at this stage, the two will face unprecedented tests. In fact, the relationship between the two is just a momentary thing. Moreover, Capricorn exists as Pisces's love robbery. But reality. In the process of talking about marriage, related matters, such as wedding arrangements, colorful gifts and other things, leading to breakup. However, because Pisces wants a stable marriage, it may continue to be entangled with Capricorn. From the perspective of Capricorn people, this kind of entanglement is a kind of unreasonable trouble. For a long time, Capricorn is likely to disappear and stay away from Pisces's life circle. All kinds of behaviors will cause great harm to Pisces' body and mind.

Post -marriage life stage

When Pisces marrys Capricorn, there will actually be some fluctuations in emotion, especially whether they choose to have a baby. For Pisces, there must be two children of two people, but Capricorn holds the opposite attitude. When the two are arguing, the role of love will be presented. It may still end with divorce. Therefore, for Pisces, Capricorn, whether the relationship between the two is a couple or a couple, they will break up in the end.

There is only Capricorn in my life

Capricorn is a very restrained type of constellation. In the emotional world, they will not take the initiative to express themselves, and they will not speak well, they will only guard in silence. Pisces will fall in love with Capricorn because they feel safe and practical, and once Pisces falls in love with Capricorn, it is deeply loved, and they cannot extricate themselves. At the same time, they hope that Capricorn can respond strongly.

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