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What are the taboos?

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The rapid development of the times now has caused only interests in our eyes, and we can only desperately improve our ability, and forget that interpersonal communication. In fact, interpersonal communication is very helpful for our career and life. Sometimes you may not like his approach, but it really helps you. However, many people are struggling with sending things and flowing potted flowers. Let's take a look at Feng Shui today to see what taboos are the potted flowers from the flowers and grass.

Flowers and plants do not send

What is the three types of flowers that are not suitable for flowers and plants. It may cause "damage" to others. So do not send special flowers and plants, flowers with ambiguity, toxic flowers, stabbing, bad smells.

What are the taboos of giving people potted flowers

1. Tabies to get rich trees

Fortune tree is a very aura feng shui object, which can not only remove evil and avoid evils, but also protect our health and peace. It can also increase our wealth and bring us huge wealth. However, those who can protect their feng shui cannot be given to others, and will give our good fortune to others. Although it has a good relationship with friends, our fortune has declined. This is not worth it, even between good friends.

Second, taboo Fusang flowers

Hue Sang flower is a particularly beautiful. Four years of evergreen, symbolizing immortal and strong. Although this meaning is very good, our feng shui also has positive thoughts. However, this type of flower cannot be given to others, because it has mulberry characters, which is very bad. If you give it to others, it will make the other party think that you are cursing it, but you do not pull into each other's relationship, which will cause other people's resentment.

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