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After Eiffel Lantern [Guoying Yun and Prevent Virtue] Constellation Big name

real teen faith real teen faith

Life is always in the face of people to survive in society. However, sometimes, you have no maliciousness to others, but others are wrapped in you, falling to you, harming you unlucky, you want to avoid it. Today, the teacher will come to the Lantern Festival, you should prevent the constellation of the small people, the constellation of the people, remember to share the constellation friends on the list, and everyone will avoid the fierce.

[Prevent Villa] Constellation

Third place, Cancer

People who don't make anyone

After the Lantern Festival, the love palace of Cancer has Mars confused with you, so that you will encounter a big trouble. Single, you might encounter a pair of people or wrong people in the wrong time, like a perfect ideal style, but he also desperately asks you, but finally I found that he had a companion, but it was entered into the triangle and did not know. If you have more attention to your communication with your partner, you may have no consensus on the future of buying a house, marriage, son, etc. It is recommended that you sit down with your partner and communicate. After you understand each other, try to find a solution is the best policy.

Second place, Pisces

Good thing

After the Lantern Festival, the interpersonal palace of the Pisces has Mars in chaos, leading to your life, work, and feelings in the emotional life. Although you will not encounter a special person, it is easy to encounter the people around "good hard but bad things". Maybe they really want to help you, but the more you are busy, but you also refuse to deny others, but you have to silently on your black pot, pick up your good. Let you often have frustration and helplessness.

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