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"Tribal Survivor" pre-planning sharing

real teen faith real teen faith

When the "tribal survivors" can first improve the roads in the region, consider the construction of the building, and do not necessarily each building in the game, generally 4 buildings, there areA certain way can be accessed.

Pre-planning sharing

All regions are first to repair the way, not necessarily each building, generally 4 buildings.The residential area is not covered by the market, so that the service building can not be fully covered, retain the position of the boiler room, and leave a part to the warehouse farm pasture processing, and build a warehouse nearby.

Develop a new year, and the existing city is separated from some distances. In this way, the agricultural animal husbandry industrial zone, the industrial area is centered on the supply station, and the agricultural animal husbandry will change 8 * 10, so planned in advance.

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