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Simple and good news of the brother shop name Daquan

real teen faith real teen faith

The barber shop is the type of shop in life. What is the way to attract customers? The answer is a simple and good name. This article is recommended for everyone to recommend some names.

Simple and good manager delivery shop name method

1, learn from the trend word

The tide is a kind of starting skill, is also an attitude, there are many symbolic cultural vocabulary in the tide circle, which is keywords in the tide, which can play the name of the national trend, Mr. Tide, Tide Show impression, both Fashion trends in accordance with the US shop, can also make the name of the store more new, leading attention.

2, learn from the fashion location

In our impressions, there are many places to be called a fashion location. It is the trend of the trend, that is, Paris, Milan, Japan, etc. Use these trendy locations to be naming for the hairdress store, such as Paris fashion shears, Ginza shear, is borrowed from some famous fashion.

Simple and good manager send name example


These three words are both simple and rich in meaning, which gives people a sense of British high-end, meaningful for the store, there is a special style, give customers a different feeling, let them feel choice It will not be wrong here, compare a name of the personality. It is very characteristic for the beauty salon store.


The combination of numbers and English is very creative, and the other layer of meaning belongs to China's auspicious numbers, symbolizing long-lasting, meaning that the store can be smooth and long-lasting. Combined with "AM", it seems a more trend of shop name; it is in line with the concept of young people, and it is also the opening of the business, and it will tell you to work, and will not let people wait.

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