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Dreaming of my son fell

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What does it mean to see my son fall? good or not? Dreaming that my son fell, what is foreplayed? Zhou Gong Ji Dream [XVTE.COM] What is going on with your dreams from signs and fortune!

Dreaming that my son fell, usually forever concerns about children

Dreaming that my son fell, there is a new opportunity in life! Or by yourself inadvertently discovery, or introduce via others, you will get work or academic transfer, so that you can transfer your post or choose a new profession. Entrepreneurship is also an opportunity to appear. Your choice usually affects love, the distance affects your feelings, but it will also get a new fate because of the new environment.

Pregnant people dream of son falling, indicating that men, do not back, caution abortion.

People who do this dream or in this year, people dream of son falling, indicating that they have promoted their blood and disasters.

The people in love dreams that the son falls, indicating that the loved ones have opinions, not discouraged, and there is hope to marry.

People who do business have dreamed that their son fell, indicating that all things should be promised, and the business will lose.

The people who read the book dreamed of their son, indicating that the two subjects were not ideal, and they came again next year.

Dreaming dreams of the relevant week of the son falling

Dreams in the dream fall, is a bad sign, you need to pay attention to your body.

Dreaming of children falling, you need to pay attention to your child's health.

Dreaming of yourself falling, generally telling that you will have obstacles and resistance in your work or life, you have felt an invisible pressure, and the reaction is falling in the dream.

Dreaming of his son fell.

Love Index: 85%, Wealth Index: 76%

Health Index: 60%, Work or Business Index: 92%

Good luck: gray, suitable orientation: North.

Dreaming of his son's reflection

Suitable: Yi'an incense, pleading friends, should detect

Taboo: avoid disassembly, avoid racing, avoid lending