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Where is the mountain root? What is the horizontal pattern?

real teen faith real teen faith

The mountain is located in the nose, between the two eyes, is the starting point of the nose.

The mountain roots are also known as "healthy palace", reflecting the health and physical fitness of the human body. When the mountain roots appear dark, this person is likely to suffer from gastrointestinal or vertebrate disease; when the mountain root has a blue gluten, it is possible to have problems in its digestive system, which requires more attention.

In addition, the mountain roots reflect a congenital roots and willpower. Based on the "mountain root", "Shange", which not only has strong disease resistance, but also can be accompanied by an emergency. In contrast, the mountain is low and broken, usually lacks confidence, there will be unable to do things, there will be a lot of twists and turns. The mountain roots are only bones, there is no meat surrounded by meat, usually willing to be determined, but this type of people are often bad, lack ethical concepts.

Multi-horns in the mountain roots, strong independence, premature premature. I have been struggling from the hometown so early, but it will experience many difficulties. In middle age, difficulties still have no reduction, but because of the earth, understand the thrift, will also have savings.

There are cross-crosses in the mountain roots, more focused on material enjoyment, pay attention to spiritual life, and actively pursue the satisfaction of the soul, especially the religious beliefs are very pious. Sensitive, but some neurons can't accept. Without noble people, they often make a feeling of nothing.

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