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Dreaming of riding over the sea(2)

real teen faith real teen faith

Pregnant women dream of riding riding, be careful not to over-hand, pay more attention to rest, otherwise it may affect the fetus in the abdomen.

The staff dreams of riding riding, indicating that they will be fame and fortune, and they have been appreciated by the boss, and there is a good family in the company, they can be loved by colleagues.

Married men and women dream of riding horses, marriage will happiness.

Single people dream of riding riding, soon you can find the people, and soon you can walk into the marriage hall.

I dreamed of falling from the mount and is an ominous sign.

Dreaming of falling from horseback and going to participate in war.

Dreaming of the horses, means that the development of the business encounters bottlenecks.

The dream of riding a white horse is a sign of pain.

Dreaming of riding horses walking in the city, is a happy event that will pick up two-year-old, but the dream of riding the Madden, representing the life of life.

The man dreams of the ocean, meaning that the cardiagy is broad, and the courage to bear the burden of life, will get good news.

Women dream of the ocean, means that the burden of the family is getting more and more heavy.

Businessmen dream of the ocean, meaning that they have to serve more people, prosperity, will be spread all over.

Dreaming of the ocean gain or a wind high, means that difficulties are full of mountains, it is difficult to pass over, it is better to do so.

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