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The relationship between ABO blood type and human body immunity

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For the study of blood type, many people have a one-sided view: the blood type can be used in addition to first aid and blood transfusion, and the use of other places is not large. That is not. Blood as one of the most primitive genetic factors of human beings, it is definitely not to be underestimated. In fact, our ancient my country has begun to identify parent-child relationships through blood type. When the two blood phase polymers, there is a blood relationship; if there is no polymerization, there is no blood relationship. Although this kind of identification is not a reasonable ingredient, this concept of using blood to identify genes is also very desirable. It has been found that there is countless genetic memory group in the blood. There is a special password in these genome. If you observe them under the microscope, we can see some pale yellow liquids and some bright red cells. Among them, most of these fresh red blood cells contain a special iron, which can carry oxygen to protect the human body from infection, which is antigen. The blood type is closely related to the antigen. The chemical structure of the blood type is like a tire angle composed of a chain sugar called "trehalose", from the surface of the cell. A separate trehalose structure constitutes the most original blood type in the human body, that is, an O type. "O" represents "zero" "start" or "no antigen". The principal and inclusion of trehalose make it a basis for forming other blood types. The antigen is very sensitive, and each blood type antigen has different chemical structures. Once an external antigen invaded, it immediately determined which is his own, which is external, so that it is strongly defended its immune system. If the blood does not have this function, the immune system may also attack your own cell tissue, or let the dangerous organisms close to important organs, thus causing harm to the body. However, due to the different antibodies contained in different blood types, the blood cope with various invasive people who can endanger the immune system may be slightly different.