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Phalaenopsis method and precautions

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Phalaena is a plant in a half-yin-half-half, so light is mainly based on astigmatism. Its optimal growth temperature is between fifteen to 30 degrees, so it is necessary to carry out insulation and shading measures below fifteen degrees or above thirty degrees. Watering is drought according to the basin soil, and put the basin at a time, then watering the next time after drying. A farming needs to be aware that the potting plant is wet, and whether the ambient air is circulated.

First, a cultured method:

1. Sunlight: Phalaenopsis does not have a long time in a sun-expanding environment, because it will affect its health of its flowering and plants. Phalaena is a floral in a semi-yin, so we can place it in a phalaenza, as long as it places it in a light-light environment, such as the corner of the balcony, the corner of the courtyard, etc., the astigmatism is more conducive to Phalaenopsis flowers.

2. Temperature: The best growth temperature of Phalaenopsis is high, generally between hexadecimal. Therefore, when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees in the hot summer, we need to cool down, and you can spray some water on its surface to keep the blade moist. In the cold winter and early spring, we can place it in the room to ensure that it will not be frozen, frostbite.

3, watering: According to the difference in temperature, the amount of watering water, such as in the hot summer, we can water every day, while the water is watered, it is best to choose in the evening or morning. In the usual season, when we watered, it can be put into the basin once, and the next water is watered after drying.

Second, notes:

1. In order to reduce the infection of pathogenic pests, we'd better put Phalaenopsis in an environment where air circulation is circulated.

2, in order to avoid the butterfly mulch root, we should pay attention to whether the pot bottom is wet when watering, if the moist can reduce the frequency of watering.