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Dream of acne

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of hemorrhoids, five elements of the main fire, the main business is a sign of entanglement with others, getting along with each other, it is difficult to improve, the dream is in the middle of the hemorrhosis, and the people who are not in the world are quite a lot, orIt is in the autumn by others, and everything should be in the autumn.

The financial fortune of spring dreams is strong, with others who have competitive stress, to have this dream, more competition things, do not choose the means, the career is not smooth, and the people who are not engaged in the catering industry, the signs of breaking money.

Summer dreams of peach blossoms, office lovers or workplace love, get this dream, don't have a good idea of greed, emotional, no signs, more troublesome.

In the fall, I have a dream, although the killing is decisive, but the small people around you are quite a lot, it is difficult to go smoothly, and there is an uneasy feeling in my heart.

In winter, I have a lot of people in the industry. Everything should be treated with others. Don't have a lot of power. If you have more care, it is an incorporated sign.