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The living room is painted in the wind and water taboos: What are the painless paintings?

real teen faith real teen faith

Usually everyone likes to hang some paintings in the living room in their own home, not only is more easy to decorate, but also look beautiful and generous, you can show the master's taste. So what do you need to pay attention to in the living room? Let's take a look along with Xiaobian!

First, the color is too deep or black too much drawing cannot be bought. This painting seems to have a sense of heavy, so that people will depression, pessimism and lack of work;

Second, it is not advisable to hang more than a person to abstract painting, because the family's emotions are relatively large, the psychological imbalance is easy to pass by

Third, it is not suitable to hang the big portrait of the late relatives, because it will make you do the pressure;

Fourth, it is not suitable for the drawing such as the waterfall, because these painter's family's luck is repeated;

Five, don't hang a portrait of too many red, because it will make your family easily injured or temper.

Sixth, painting the fierce beast is not suitable for purchase, otherwise family health will be poor;

Seven, painting the painting of the sunset won't hang, so the class portrait has a reduced effect.

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