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96 years and 98 tiger eight characters uncomfortable?

real teen faith real teen faith

Marriage is about the happiness of each of our people, so people will be extra cautious in choosing this matter of marriage. In addition to the two people have a deep feeling, the eight-character zodiac of the two must be together, so that the marriage life is happy and the family is climbing. So, is it equivalent to the horses and the eight characters of the Tiger in 1996?

Does the 96-year rats and 98 tigers suitable for marriage?The eight words of the 96-year-old Xiaohui and the eight words of Xiaohu were still relatively suitable, it was the same as the match, but the two people were suitable for marriage or consider two people's character. Although in the twelve zodiac, these two genus did not work, but from the five elements of the land branch, the mouse is a five lines of water, and the tiger land is a five-way wood, one is a small mouse, one is strong and powerful. The big tiger, the first personality is very large. Both people are slender, and their mind is delicate, they are sensitive; they are a strong sense of hegemony, like freedom, such marriage is not good, the gap between the two is very serious, and the conflict conflict is also very serious, and finally can lead to it. Two people are getting far away, so the 96-year rats and 98 tigers are not suitable for marriage.

Love pairing:The zodiac mouse and the zodiac tiger love matching result is a pair of risks. Both people won't worry about love, but because the zodiac rats are more tradition, the Zodiac Tiger is relatively open, the two have obvious gaps in the ideological concept, although it may have a long time because of love, if love is Although it can have a long time together, sometimes there will be some small conflicts, making both parties more pleasant.

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