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March 15, 2022, what is the wins and wins

real teen faith real teen faith

In the process of life development, there will be many things that have fallen doors. When we have a specific understanding of our own fate, it will be more likely to be smooth. By interpretation of the relationship between birth and eight characters, what is the specific nature characteristics, what will it bring to what kind of development? Let's take a look at the specific comment.

What is life?

Birthday: April 15, 2022

Lunar New Day: March 15th

Characters: [寅] [辰] [戌]

Five lines: [water] [wood soil] [soil]

NAP: [Gold Foil] [Covering Lights] [Flat Wood]

戌 日 日: 五 属 属

This day's day posture is explained

The person born in Wuxu is known as glutinous life. The people who have born this day have enthusiasm, and do their best to be passionate about things, but gentle, and will be reluctant. Winning, high desire, unsatisfactory, and feel small at altitude. Died with the day of the day. Your day post is Wuxu, the Japanese posture is as follows: [戌] [medium] take the library of roots, the soil is too dry, and Ji belt. The head of the burner is very straightforward, and it is decisive, and the main is smart. The article is vibrated, but it will not use the conspiracy. For people and gas, independent self-operated; in the early years, it is non-consumption; middle-aged greed, high desires, are jealous, self-weight; hard work skills, work of work. Women are raising, the fate of Zhongping, so people who are born in Wuxu Day need to pay more attention to their people, pay more attention to being caught. Be

This day's twelve time

Ugly birth (1 point -2 point):

Birthday: 寅 辰 戌 戌

Born in the afternoon (11 points - 12 points):

Birthday: 寅 甲 辰 戌 戌 午

Not current (13 points -14 points):

Birthday: 寅 辰 戌 戌

Born (15 points -16 points):

Birthday: 寅 辰 辰 戌 庚 申

Born (17:18):

Birthday: 寅 辰 戌 戌 酉

Born (19 points-20 points):

Birthday: 寅 辰 辰 戌 壬 壬 壬

Hai born (21 points -22 points):

Birthday: 寅 辰 戌 戌 海

Born (23 points):

Birthday eight words: 寅 辰 戌 戌 甲 子

Born (3 points - 4 points):

Birthday: 寅 辰 辰 寅

Born (0 points):

Birthday: 寅 辰 戌 戌 子

Born in Times (5 points - 6 points):

Birthday eight words: 寅 辰 辰 卯 卯

Child birth (7 points -8 points):

Birthday eight words: 寅 辰 辰 戌

Born in time (9 points - 10 points):

Birth eight characters: 寅 辰辰戊