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2022 constellation constellation is high

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Many times everyone likes good luck to come in their own body, but reality is often cruel, no one wants to be the most unlucky, sometimes it is always afraid that they are not included in the event. In a good name, then let's pay attention to what is the constellation of the 2022 lucky constellation?

First place: ScorpioThe pressure hill is big, rolling in 2022, the fortune of Scorpio, the pressure of the mountain, turned over to the torture. It's hard to adjust your mood, but the new dilemma comes again. The stress of Scorpio will be accompanied by the station of Saturn, and if there is no powerful endurance, it is bound to vomit blood. In the career, the test of Scorpio is also heavy, the turmoil is uneasy, but it is more chance, but I want to catch, but it is so hard. Maybe it will become better in the second half of the year, but it will not have too much improvement.

Second place: LeoThe communication is good, the fortune is very poor, the fortune of the Leo can be used in the end of the lion. In your own social life, the lions' life will be colorful. Jupiter will make the lions feel a good spirit, and Pluto will make the lions more decisive. In communication, the lion will show a unique charm, there will be a feeling that many people will be in love. But behind the light and beautiful, the shadows of the lions come again. In terms of financial management, job seeking, the hindrances faced by the lions are really not small. If the fortune is relatively poor, there will be some spending of water, but the money is bad, there will be trend of spending money, and Saturn will bring some trouble to the lion.

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