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Mammalian enamel carbon oxygen stable isotope analysis Reconstructs the ancient environment of the ambient survival period of the Malazi Site

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Geographical location of the Massan Ditch Site and related important sites (Xu Zhei)

According to the National Institute of Anthropoeor, the ancient Chinese Academy of Sciences: Update the ancient environment and ancient ecological reconstruction of the world's ancient human activity site is an important foundation for understanding human evolution and behavioral adaptability. The mudhewan basins in North China focused on the academic circles in an intensive distribution of millions of years ago. However, in the context of the large environmental environment of climate change rate in the world, the regional environment and the adaptability of the ancient human technical behavior of different ancient human activity sites in the mudhewan basin, still lack system research. Be

In response to this, the study team of the National Institute of Anthropology and ancient Chinese Academy of Sciences, Joint Fudan University Science and Technology Adampus and Spanish Senior Scientific Research Committee History Research Institute, first use mammalian tooth carbon oxygen stability isotope analysis method, The ancient environment of the ancient human survival period of the Malaise Site in the Mud River Basin, and combined with stone technical analysis and tried to explore the problem of human behavior adaptability. Relevant research papers recently published online in the International Journal of Earth Sciences (Frontiers in Earth Science). Be

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