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Can hawthorn can make stews more easy to be soft? Steggout ant Manor Answers 3.26

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Can Hawthorn do your stew easier? This is the problem of the ant Manor Small Class March 26. You can get 180G feed as a reward. Let us let us know on March 26 Ants Answers.

Can hawthorn can make stews easier?

1. Want to make the stewing more easy to make the soft production process can be added

A, hawthorn

B, cold water

2. Correct answer:Hawthorn

3. Answer analysis

During stewing, you can add a few hawthorn. The fat enzyme in the hawthorn can promote the decomposition of meat fat, and halhouse can improve the activity of protein-allerge enzymes, boil the hawthorn with the flesh, so that the meat is soft and tender, and can also go to the smell of meat, eat Special greas well.

Ant Manor Today's Correct Answer

The above is Xiaobian's answer to the Ant Herver's answer on March 26. The correct answer isHawthornHave you help you? Also want to know the answer to the ant Manor, please don't forget to pay attention!

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