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Residents in Western La Palma, Spain

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Residents in Western La Palma, Spain

According to Dongwang: In response to the Western La Palma, La Palma, the volcano (22nd), and the large amount of magma is flowing out, but the Canary Islands government will order about 3,000 residents under the Canary Islands.Affected by volcanic ash, all localized La Palma flights were canceled on the same day.

A large number of magma flows to the Atlantic, producing a large number of white gases.The La Palma Island Government warned that the above gas may be toxic, so it is released to the nearby residents.

After explosing from volcanoes, the magma has covered approximately 1,065 hectares of land, destroying nearly 1,500 buildings, including schools, churches and banana plantations, etc., preliminary estimates of 900 million euros.In addition to this volcano, the local area has experienced two volcanoes in the past 100 years, which occurred in 1949 and 1971.