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"Golden Battle" Neon Nightnation Grasshopper Battle

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"Golden Bad Battle" game, neon night name, grasshopper lineup is a relatively cold system, many players want to know how to play, then today Xiaobian will introduce you to Jin shovel shovel shovel neon night name Grasshopper can play Raiders, don't miss it.

"Golden Battle" Neon Nightnation Grasshopper Battle

Composition of lineup: Lexie, Saina, Wei Gush, Marzaha, Nar, Dragonfly, Salenny, Casa

Array: 3 streams 5 variation 2 strike 2 black devil

Hex strongly (must): + 1/2 new flow, famous flow, unstable evolution, mutation transfer, + 1/2 variation warrior, three feasters I / II / III, blue battery I / II

Hetry Strong (Selection): Hunting Larity, Star Bless

Main C Malzaha: Blue Buff + Ghost Book + Hettle Technology Gun Blade

Deputy C 螂: Artillery + Endless Blade + Drinking Sword / Justice

Tankou Virgous: Madman + Antifun + Dragon Teeth + Stone Sticker

Equipment analysis: Marzha core equipment is a blue buff essential, this equipment is the key to Malzha, the current version of the drug is not particularly high, so basic blue buff can get it. Secondly, the two equipment and the Hetcho gun blade are the standard of Marzha, one equipment is serious, one is a reply.

The deputy C 装 equipment is prioritized to consider the artillery + endless, after the 螂 can't stand in the famous gant, then directly add a reply to equipped with blood sword or justice. There is a star bless or the hunting law, and it will be directly supplemented.

Tankou Virian Traditional 3 Meat, Mad Armor, Antifun, Dragon Teeth, Shi Shi Ghost A, Ion Spark These equipment are casual.

The above is "Golden Bad Shooting" Neon Nightcasting Grasshopper to play Raiders, more game Raiders please continue to pay attention!