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Dream of wife wife(2)

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Dreaming of being quarreled with your wife, symbolizing family harmony, life happiness. If it is separated from the family, people who haven't seen their wife have fallen in a long time, saying that they will soon see their wife.

Zhou Yi Dream

The wife is in the man's dream, is not emblem, namely his wife.

In the dream or in reality, your relationship with your wife contains you with your mother or your "Anima" relationship ingredient.

It is a common dream that sees the dead wife. Try to feel her, love her in your heart, not just an external existence.

Original Zhou Gong Ji Dream

Dreaming of wives, main mistakes. "Dunhuang Dream"

Dreaming of wife, there is a loss of money. "Dunhuang Dream"

Dreaming of his wife, got his wife. "Dunhuang Dream"

Dreaming of his wife with a knife, a child is speed. "Dunhuang Dream"

Dreaming of his wife with a knife, there is a child. "Dunhuang Dream"

Dreaming of his wife's thick makeup, it will be. "Dunhuang Dream"

Dreaming to see your wife, get people 's financial resources. "Dunhuang Dream"

Dreaming of the wife, get a fortune. "Dunhuang Dream"

Dreaming about the wife, getting a wealth. "Dunhuang Dream"

Dream wife married others. The main family is dissatisfied, the lone is different, the portal is empty, and ominous. "Dream Forest Xuan"

Dream wife is sick, the main room is in the family. "Dream Secretary"

Dream is a wife. The ground is extremely humiliation, yang, and should be migrated. "Dream Forest Xuan"

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