real teen faith

Brand new unioneer Hama Mama · Atlas debut! "Battle Shuangparmsh" new version "Drive Boat" opened on March 10!

real teen faith real teen faith

3D Second End of the World Magic Hand Tour "Battle Shuangpammsh" is about to launch a new version of "Drive Boat Ark" on March 10, 2022, where the new ice-style body Hama is about to usher in land! In addition to new roles Defold, there are other new gameplay waiting for you to experience! In this spring, with Double treasure, participate in a gorgeous Sai Bo!

Wanzhong expectations, S-class unioneer Hama Mama · Attacker debut!

In the "War Shuangpai" version, the real-shore of the Ark is divided into the spiritual character! She has a long-haired long-haired face, as if a tenacious Star Knight . Be

She earliest appeared in the "Eosheng" version, which is one of the rigid mechanics. However, according to the official preview PV "Haicma", Harkama has had a source of origin with the young age, she has been accompanied by a heated artificial intelligent mechanical body that has accompanied by the birth of a child. There is a rich emotional and creativity, and there is also a thoughtful thinking about human feelings. Be

The story of Hamama will continue in "remote banking Ark", will she have new story deductive? Let us look forward to the new version of the new version of the new version of the new version! Be

Art Heavy Update! Two big painting, scene BOSS

In the "Drive Boagle" version of the version, it will also usher in two new paintings, which are the exclusive special effects of the inner and chaos. The former created the image of the deacon in a striped suit and was handsome. The latter black military uniform skirt plus mechanical design, the rest of the cool, keeps a sweet breath, Be

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