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"All-Star Fighting" army lineup

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Many players in all-star shopping games are unclear, how to match the army lineup. Next, let Xiaobian brings the "All-Star Fighting" army lineup with recommendations, and interested friends will take a look, hoping to help everyone.

"All-Star Fighting" army lineup

1. List of lineup: Fitness in Yanzhi Crist + K '+ Awakening Liana + Vulip + Hadland + Kura.

2, team characteristics: multi-character pursuit response, high-speed anger recovery, can play fast rhythm output.

3, lineup yarn: Hadland, through the continuous pursuit, you can get a lot of anger and vampire effect, with extremely high output and battery life. Awakening Liana, the core main output, the bonus of teammates can play a very high output.

4, the lineup is more comprehensive, and Viru provides high-risk bonus bonus to enhance the output, and Hadland can get a lot of anger when he pursued the addition to the addition to the addition of additional output. Thereby frequent output and battery life.

5, Recommended Rock: Front-rolling Fitness Chris, Awakening Liana, Vulip, Rear Room K ', Hadland, Kura.

The above is the full content of the "All-Star Fighting" army lineup, more hand of the tour, please pay attention!